The Seven Ravens's demo at Siggraph virtual conference!

New AR project with The Jim Henson Company and Felix And Paul

The Jim Henson Company and Felix & Paul Studios are developing a new groundbreaking AR experience, narrated by Neil Gaiman. The Storyteller: The Seven Ravens, is the new chapter of Jim Henson’s beloved franchise. See the demo at Siggraph virtual conference. Honored to have composed the music for this beloved franchise!

''Il faut qu'on parle'' has now a distribution deal

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Un court-métrage en collaboration avec Annie Deniel et Anne-Laure Teichet. Les malentendus amoureux à l’ère des médias sociaux. Sortie en 2020

The last chapter "We All Fall Down" is out!

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"I'm afraid we've come to the end of our time". Brace yourself, November 19th, We all Fall Down... the final chapter! It was such a thrill to work on this remarkable DLC and also revisit some famous classical and baroque themes for this trailer.
Le dernier chapitre arrive bientôt! Ce fut un véritable plaisir de travailler sur cet unique DLC.
Kudos à Signal Space, Compulsion Games et Gearbox Publishing

"Warriors of Waterdeep" is now available worldwide!

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Dungeons and Dragons "Warriors of Waterdeep" is now available worldwide! For iOS and Android.

It was real fun to dig into some epic orchestral and ethnic music for this emblematic franchise.

Enfin disponible partout sur la planète, "Les guerriers de Waterdeep"!

Kudos to Ludia, Signal Space and Wizards of the Coast

"Outstanding Use Of Sound" nomination!

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We Happy Few is nominated in the "Outstanding Use Of Sound, New IP" category of the NAVGTR. Congrats to the team and all involved!
We happy Few est nominé dans la catégorie ''Meilleure utilisation de l'audio'' au NAVGTR.

Reaver Long trailer

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It was a thrill to score the latest trailer for Reaver, a supernatural short film. The story follows a brother and sister who are confronted by a malevolent, supernatural entity that is responsible for their father's mysterious disappearance.
Acoustic sources (cello, guitars, prepared piano, various scratching and hits, bowing ) were recorded and manipulated with various techniques to heighten the overall unsettling feeling of this trailer.


We Happy Few's reviews are in!

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There's been some really nice reviews concerning We Happy Few's audio experience (voice acting, sound design, music etc..) among other things, so why not share some of those with you.
The 60's is such an inspiring era to dig into.
Many thanks to all that have been involved.
Kudos to Compulsions Games, Signal Space and Gearbox Publishing.

The Orchestre Métropolitain is interpreting some of my music as part of Montreal's 375e anniversary

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The sold out Montreal Video Game Symphony was a huge success. It was a great privilege to have the music for Contrast played by the Orchestre Métropolitain as part of Montreal's 375e anniversary. A great honor to have been selected among so many iconic soundtracks like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Dragons Age, etc..

Bravo à tous ceux impliqués dans le superbe concert de la Symphonie des Jeux Vidéos de Montréal. Très fier d'avoir fait partie de cette sélection!

Patrick Watson, The Dears and The Barr Brothers on the We Happy Few Soundtrack!

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It's finally time to reveal some big news concerning the We Happy Few official soundtrack! Montreal's indie scene is set to shine with the involvement of Patrick Watson, Murray A. Lightburn ( The Dears ), Brad and Andrew Barr ( The Barr Brothers ). For the game they have formed a tailor-made boy band called "The Make Believes" so they could pay tribute to the swinging sounds of the 60's. It's an honor to be involved on a soundtrack that features such highly talented musicians.

Jurassic World: Alive, a location-based augmented reality game!

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Here it is, Jurassic World Alive is out! Dinosaurs have fled from the unstable island of Isla Nublar….and they’re roaming free in your cities and neighborhoods!
It was a thrill to compose additional music for this augmented reality game where you also have the pleasure of hearing John Williams iconic theme.
Jurassic World Alive est sorti, un jeu de réalité augmentée où j'ai le plaisir d'avoir composé plusieurs musiques.


Short film ''City In The World: Manhattan''

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''City In The World'' is a short film by Colby Moore, a writer/director based in NYC. An atmospheric and breathtaking montage of several scenes shot around the ever-photogenic island of Manhattan. 

Ludia's new game "What's Your Story" including many movies/tv show franchises

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There are many franchises available for Ludia's brand new game "What's Your Story". You can take a listen here to a slow atmospheric Avant Rock music theme for "Divergent" (based on the famous books and movies).
I've always loved the nordic avant rock scene, for this one i've experimented with processed guitars and voices, ebow, organ, plucked instruments and pads.

Fantômes Du Forum_Paranormal Investigation

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"Ghosts Of The Forum": The Montreal Canadiens played at the Forum for nearly six decades and moved to the Bell Centre in 1995. In their wake they left memories, history and what everyone called ‘The Ghosts of the Montreal Forum’. Missed shots, unexpected goal posts, lucky bounces, fans would say they were all the Ghosts work that lead to 24 memorable championships. Not one has been won since the team moved.

Unconventional instruments and articulations, filtered textures and sound design were used to give the experience a surreal tense ambience.

Produced by: One Production

Client: Sport Experts

Transformers: Disaster Dash is released!

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Budge Studios™ presents Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash! An action-packed adventure to save the world from the evil Dr. Morocco! It was fun going into some retro vibe on this soundtrack, 80's rock guitars and electro synths in addition to the orchestral palette!

Felix And Paul's "Nomads" multiple awards at SIMA and LUMIERE!

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Felix And Paul's "Nomads", in which i was involved as a composer, won not only in the "Best VR Experience" "Best Cinematography" and "Immersive Impact Jury Prize" categories at the prestigious SIMA but also "Best 360 Live Action" at the LUMIERE awards as well! Congrats to all involved and special kudos to Headspace Studio!

Battlestar Galactica Squadrons is out!

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Game based on the famous iconic sci-fi tv show!
I've used several ethnic instruments like Armenian Duduk, Yalli Tambur (bowed string), Kiowa Flute, Langelik (plucked instrument), Gamelan, Psaltry, Bowls of various shapes, reversed and filtered sound sources to give the soundtrack a unique signature.

Underworld: The Game is out!

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Underworld: The Game by Ludia is out! It's a card based game based on the latest instalments of the famous movie franchise. As part of the Signal Space team, it was pure fun to sink my teeth into this project (no pun intended) as i've created some industrial sounds!

We Happy Few at Microsoft E3 conference!

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We Happy Few got a full demo showcased during the Microsoft E3 Conference today! Amazing to see that game among such titles as Gears Of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2 and The Division. Glad to finally show a bit more (see link) about that cool project i've been working on.

Brand new Jurassic World Update!

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Do you have the skills to K.O. the Omega 09? I've composed some new battle music for a brand new update for this very popular game!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legend is out!

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Fight against the Kraang in the Ninja Turtles’ favorite locations from the TV show, including Dimension X, the sewers and the classic New York City rooftops. It was exciting to compose most of the music for this app, a blend of epic orchestral cues, hip hop and rock guitars.

"Inside Impact: East Africa" at the Emmy Awards

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Félix & Paul Studios VR project "Inside Impact: East Africa" (feat. President Bill Clinton) just got nominated at the Emmy Awards! Proud to have worked on the soundtrack for this. Congrats to the team!

"Sea Gypsies" at Sundance Festival

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"Sea Gypsies" is a VR experience presented at the Sundance Film Festival ! I had the pleasure of composing the soundtrack using various ethnic instruments including gamelan, suspended gongs, bamboo flute and much more!

Transformers Rescue Bots_Hero Adventures is out!

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It was exciting to compose the original music for this app based on the famous franchise from Hasbro and developed by Budge Studios. Volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches, or wildfires—work together as a team to rescue the civilians of Griffin Rock from hazardous disasters and Doctor Morocco’s evil Morbots!


Naissance Du Monde (Origin Of The World): an interactive story!

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"Naissance du Monde" is an interactive installation from Loto-Quebec. As you read aloud the story book, the images gets into motion in front of your eyes. The engine detects in real time the flow of your voice and sync the music, visuals and sound design to it. Based on an Huron legend, "Naissance du Monde" is a tale about a rabbit whose adventure will change the face of the world forever!

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